Tegan and Sara Release “Get Along,” hear them on livestream today

The charismatic Canadian queer duo, Tegan and Sara, recently released their CD/DVD combo Get Along. The live album has 15 classic T & S tracks and the DVD includes three short films.

States” is a 3o minute documentary of the twins’ US tour which includes interviews and fan base connections. “India” follows their first ever tour in India. “For the Most Part” is an hour video of concert footage shot with 75 fans in an intimate studio setting.

Tegan and Sara recorded their first two demos, “Who’s in Your Band?” and “Play Day” back in 1997. In 1998 they won Calgary’s Garage Warz—a local music competition. Following their win, they independently released their first album, “Under Feet like Ours”. Soon they were signed onto Vapor Records and in 2000 their second album “This Business of Art” was released. In 2002 T & S created their third album, “If it was You” and four years later, released the more popular “So Jealous”. “The Con” was released in 2007, followed by “Sainthood” in ’09.

The deluxe version may already be sold out though I’m sure you could scour EBay. And perhaps they’ll re-lease it at some point. But even the standard package includes the 3 films on DVD, the live album, 15 classics,  and the “Back in Your Head” digital instant grat track. This is clearly the duo’s first epic collection, yes conveniently in time for the holidays.

Up to date, the two have worked with multiple music artists and have made numerous television appearances. Last year, the ladies won the Western Canadian Music Award’s “International Achievement Award” and this year, they have been nominated for the Indie Award’s, “Duo of the Year.” For loads more background videos, interviews, blog posts and more T & S than you can stand after already watching 2 hours of documentary, as well as keep up to date with the twins’ activities you can visit their website: 

And this morning, you can hear T &S  in a live acoustic session and chat on at 11am Pacific Time. Totally worth it to pop on those headphones while you’re at work. Just tell everyone you’re in a meeting and do not disturb.

Below are some of the many videos you can see online associated with Get Along.

Tegan and Sara \”Get Along\” Preview

\”Nineteen\” -One of the 15 classic tracks on \”Get Along\”

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