St Patty’s Day weekend includes a ‘Gaycation’ of ‘Chocolate Cities’ and ‘Jelly Rolls’ and lots of bands

Hot gay leprechauns...


Happy St Patty’s Day y’all. I know many of you will protest that the “snakes” Patrick was driving out were peace-loving pagans, and yet others of you may be flashing the Protestant orange. Either way I’m not a huge St Pat celebrator but I’m down to drink a green beer and and get pinched with the best of ’em. It is not political for me (easy to say from my comfortable west coast seat eh?). So that’s the spirit of this Irish tinged weekend picks. But feel free to discuss more important matters below.

No cover St Paddy’s at Flipside – Salem’s hottest q party is offering to let you get down sans door cash. More to spend on Irish whiskey. But sure if I’d trust the dollar wells though…who am I kidding, of course I would.


Feminist Film Society presents Vera Drake – Cinephiles who would rather take in a flick on this rainy weekend than deal with trashed folks in chartreuse are in luck. In Other Words (14 NE Killingsworth) will be showing Vera Drake about and early abortions rights worker.

NO/HO/MO, Fucking Lesbian Bitches, Dark Entries & Little Horns – Is anarchist punk making a comeback? It sure does if teh folks behind the multi-artistic NO/HO/MO Sexual Surrender have anything to do with it. They go way beyond the concept though, to have some interesting upcoming visual projects. But jump in now to the punk show and see the beginnings.

Jelly Roll at Crush – Are you ready for this jelly? If you were one of the original attendees of either Cupcake or Bounce at Holocene you are more than ready for the return of a fatty dance party. Although it’s all kinds of mixed genders, Portland dykes love a chub so there will be plenty of queers in attendance. And the go go dancers will have some real flesh, which should be refreshing and sexy. Plus special guest performances by Ms. Renne and Mrs. Church. (Is that like Miss Furr and Miss Skeene?)

Rosehip Revue burlesque spectacular – Haven’t had enough T&A yet this weekend? There should be more than enough in Sinsavvy‘s “classier than striptease” monthly. Super talented and super sexy stars Angelique DeVil, unstoppable boylesque duo Burlesquire, and the foremother of Portland neo-burlesque, Delilah Sinn, make this worth waiting for over any daily gentlemen’s club…


Chocolate City women’s hip hop event – Portland queer dance parties can easily get bogged down in pop. I confess, though I enjoy a large variety of music, my drunken little just-wanna-dance heart often craves the pop on a Saturday night. But there are also many of us that crave the beats of other drummers, and hip hip is really trying to carve out its space in Stumptown. At the helm of this bass heavy upswing is DJ Mani. And believe me, she’s comin’ up. And she wants you to know that gay men are always welcome too. Aw…


Gaycation’s Spring/Sprang/Sprung – April showers bring May flowers but the queers are already starting to bloom. Spring is a time for fecundity, and what better way to get that party started than with the biggest, longest running queer dance night?

Eighteen Individual Eyes, Forsorcerers & Tender HoovesAgain with the music huh? Yeah, I’ve been feelin’ the need to get back to my live music roots and this is just the hearty rockin’ show to bring us all back into the fold. The metal thrum in contrast to the female vocals of the hard rock Forsorcerers is the big draw as they start their 2011 tour. But you should also be excited for Seattle’s Eighteen Individual Eyes and the new Portland based project Tender Hooves, featuring everyone’s favorite former E Room DJ Kayla Tabb.

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