MEN in review

This isn't the Portland show but it is MEN live

Remind me not to stop drinking, because when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard. It was a tough hump day anyway, beginning with a dentist appointment and a long work day…oh, and the death of Elizabeth Taylor. Luckily, I had two of my favorite bands to save me at the end. Lovers and MEN‘s latest albums are both on repeat on my iPod to get me through.

In the vein of an already marginally successful day at best I neglected to check the battery on my camera (and I also left my credit card at the bar) so was unable to get any pictures. But even if I had a day full of FAIL I was soothed by the sweet crooning of Lovers’ Cubbie Berk and energized by the political dance energy of MEN. As for the pre-funk and in between set turntable stylings of DJ Mr. Charming? Just right.

I recently saw MEN in Salt Lake City, which was a much smaller show. They had the same energy regardless, but it was nice to see them here where they’re greeted with a horde of adoring fans.

Despite hearing complaints of rude and awkward hipsterdom from a fellow concert-goer, the crowd was able to shed their too-cool-for-school attitude enough to create a great live music dance party atmosphere. They even let loose enough to participate in the call and response of MEN’s latest and greatest single “Who Am I to Feel so Free?” It certainly made my lighthouse stand at attention, because I know just who I am and last night’s show definitely proved my freedom.

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