Wear your ‘Sunday Best’ and get ‘Bent’ this weekend

Bulimianne Rhapsody and Melody Awesomeazing host Mrs. this Saturday

If you’re not too busy fighting the crowds at the newly opened international budget fashion boutique H&M there’s still plenty of good nightlife to catch out this wintery weekend.


BentNopo favorite Bent is back for to squeeze your ass into that tiny dancefloor and do it queer underground style. With guest DJ Il Camino, Jodi Bon Jodi and Roy-G-Biv on the decks turning the Foggy Notion (3416 N Lombard) into the Faggy Nation I swear it will only hurt a little bit. Besides what else will you talk about of Craigslist the nest morning?

Babe Cave For those more inclined to stay in the southeast DJs Lifepartner and Chelsea Starr are bringing the hotties to Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) and when Ms. Star says “crawl back into my cave” you don’t say no. For a hint of the music you can expect check out LP’s mix below.

RECREATION MIX by lifepartner


Hot Flash‘s Shine Your Light Party – Feel good and over early HF is good for its over 36 target audience as well as cougar-chasers who still have the energy to go out later. Plus there’s latex painted girls and dollar Tarot readings. It’s a feel good lesbian thing…

Mrs. Sunday Best edition – This is the real gem of the weekend. The free dress up party at inner Nopo’s hottest new gay spot, or rather gayest new hot spot, Mississippi Studios (3943 N. Miss Ave). Hosts Bulimianne Rhapsody and Melody Awesomeazing host a dirty Granny style jumpin’ early Sunday with killer DJs such as BeyondaDoubt. Put on your pumps and your big ass hat and head to church of the gay.

BearracudaInternational roving bear party has made the local lumberjack aesthetic cool around the globe. Snuggle up with a hairy out–of-town hottie and have fun traveling to see all your (care) bear cousins at a host of other Bearracudas coming up along the west coast and down under if you can make it!


Church of the Poison Mind featuring ChiChi and ChongaIt’s exciting enough to see church with Poison Waters return but introducing newest drag superstars ChiChi and Chonga might just be too much for my little heart to handle. They’re giving a heads up to you perverts promising dirty things coming out of their mouths and perhaps a glimpse of ChiChi’s junk. An average day at Silverado…but better.

Swing SetSaucebox has one of the best happy hours in town and the atmosphere can’t be beat for swank without pretension. DJ Sappho will kick out some real jams in the disco, deep house, R&B veins so this is a sassy queer social that is not to be missed.

Communi-T Trans Resource Fair – Q Center kicks off the week dedicated to trans remembrance with self-defense workshops, self-care techniques, spirituality, legal issues and a whole meet and greet for service providers.

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