Your gay vote

The gayest Voter Guide ever…

‘Tis the season to start the political good fight, and whether your “primary” concerns reside with Obama vs. Hillary or Novick vs. Merkley, the gays have got something to say about it. Being someone who has a hard time watching politicos with strikingly similar agendas, however, I usually don’t have personal political endorsements in primary elections (although as a queer cyclist from NoPo I gotta say Sam Adams for mayor is a no brainer for me). Lucky for you, and me, however, Portland’s queer newspaper Just Out, as well as Basic Rights Oregon’s Equality PAC (Political Action Committee) are not nearly so reticent.

JO just released their endorsements in conjunction with the most flamboyant and hyped voter related cover photo I have ever seen.

BRO takes a more comprehensive, organized approach to their recommendations, separating spotlight and local endorsements, as well as listing other candidates that they’ve given a green light to.

3 comments to Your gay vote

  • biglipzulu

    It’s amazing how Portland’s homosexuals will vote for someone based on their sexual orientation even it if is not in their own financial interests, let alone the best interests of everyone else around (which is something gay people could care less about….very selfish behaviors). Good criteria to vote for someone Alley: You would vote for Sam Adams because he has sex with other men and rides a bike! Yea, great criteria to vote on but very much representative of your kind. It’s people like you that make it so hard for anyone gay to be taken seriously!

  • qpdx

    I actually do not believe that Dozono has my best financial interests in mind but rather his own. Sam Adams may spend more, but he is spending it on my interests, such as bike infrastructure and advocacy.

    Don’t mistake my enthusiasm and irreverence for lack of information and knowledge.

  • qpdx

    And I very much resent the statement that gay people only care about themselves. That is not just stereotyping, it is straight up homophobia. How would that sound if applied to a race of people?