KBOO fundraiser

KBOO, Portland’s own fantastic community radio station, is also the only station featuring a live LGBTQ radio program, OutLoud, which airs every Tuesday from 6-6:30p.

One of the two hosts, Soul Dancer, author of Pay Me What I’m Worth – Say it, mean it, get it, will be hosting a special workshop this Sunday as a fundraiser for the DIY airwaves on rediscovering your self-worth (in multiple ways). Details below.

Date: Sunday, January 27th


* 12:30 – 1 p.m. / Set-up – Volunteers Needed
* 1 – 3 / Workshop (needed: 145 people)
* 3 – 3:30 / Clean-up – Volunteers Needed

Who: Anyone who needs help gaining & maintaining a healthy sense of self by rediscovering their worth in multiple ways.

What: A Combo Platter: Fund Raiser + Workshop / $20 to $10 Requested Donations.

When: On Sunday, January 27th from 1 – 3 p.m. at Liberty Hall, up to 145 people will experience a unique chance to:

* help KBOO raise much needed funds! (Goal: $1000.00!)
* help THEMSELVES discover how to RECEIVE MORE of what they’re worth – daily!

Where: Liberty Hall: 311 N. Ivy St. ( 1 block south of Fremont, 2 blocks west of Vancouver Ave) Click for Map.


In a commercial-free (non-infomercial) space, Soul Dancer, the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth, will lead KBOO supporters on a highly-engaging, FUN two-hour mini-workshop. If you have any questions contact Soul Dancer. Please RSVP by Friday, January 25 to Toni.

Workshop Goal(s):

1. Review and refresh one’s sense of worth by exploring this word in both individual and group exercises.
2. Identify existing blocks to receiving worth. (Post workshop: dissolve existing blocks to receiving worth.)

In a structured two-hour program, you’ll work in small groups to accomplish these goals. We’ll report small group findings back to larger group as we move through each step.

Group exercises include brainstorming exercises combined with mind-mapping activities. At the end of workshop, you’ll depart with doable steps to begin receiving more worth in ALL forms – more effortlessly.

Workshop Schedule:

Intro’s, Overview & Housekeeping

Focused guided (brief) visualization (meditation).

Small Group Brainstorming Exercise: Question: What is worth


Individual Exercise: Mind-Mapping: Worth Building Blocks / Identifying blocks to building worth.

Small Group Exercise: Review Maps – Share wisdom. ID top FIVE blocks to receiving worth.

Individual Exercise: Brainstorm ways to dissolve blocks to receiving worth – daily.

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