Tequila backlash back at ya

Damn she’s hot…

Guess I’m not the only one who thought Tila made the wrong choice. Apparently many of her fans, even her male fans (especially?) agree with me and they aren’t afraid to say it. Myspace made her famous and the faux controversy is sure to continue the madness. Here’s an example of one ticked off fan by the handle of “Frankie:”

The sentiments of the majority echo disappointment bec. you lured the public with your BISEXUAL premise, then picked a mediocre MAN in the end. If you were making a political statement, then your decision contradicts you. You said it’s what’s in the inside that matters and not the sex, then if this statement’s true, then you would have clearly fallen more for Dani. She displayed more genuineness, worldliness and sincerity. Bobby was just a safe pick, there was nothing extraordinary about the guy. Either you have internal homophobia, or your just as shallow as Bobby’s bubble gum looks. C’mon Tila, enough with the publicity stints, you owe the public and Dani an apology. Don’t get mad that you get bashed, you chose to be on TV. Anyway, thanks for being my friend.

I’m not really sure what to say about this guy. There are small portions of his sentences I want to back him up on and others that mystify me. Anyway, thanks for being my friend!

There’s also plenty of talk about whether or not she’s really bisexual. And I have no idea. But of course it wouldn’t surprise me to find out she’s not. It’s MTV folks. It’s all about the ratings and it’s not hard for ladies to kiss other ladies like it (apparently) is for straight men to kiss each other. I suppose that makes her a somewhat decent actress? Nah…Who plays doctor with a blond Amazon and is for real?

What is perhaps more interesting than all this, however, is Tila’s response. It’s actually really honest, even if I can’t feel too sorry for her.

…but not afraid to be silly either. You all know how much love glasses…

So here we all are….and here I am with MY decision on who I want a shot at love with….I must tell you all that between Dani and Bobby, it was a very hard decision. In the beginning it was all fun and games, but as my feelings started to get involved, things got harder and harder and then in my mind I wish I had never signed up to do the show. Who would have thought I would fall in love with both people?

So here I am with Bobby. Yes, I know a lot of you wanted me to pick Dani, and so did I…..but at the end of the day, I felt as though Dani and I became SOOOO close that I didn’t want to ruin such a great friendship that we had built together. You know usually on these type of dating reality shows, things never tend to work out in the end because it gets all weird and awkward between 2 lovers….and so that is why I did not choose Dani as my lover, but as my closest friend. This way we would never have to “END” things between us. Also the fact that Dani is doing quite well for many reasons and I am happy for her:

1) She’s really famous now
2) The world loves her
3) She’s getting more girls throwing themselves at her then ever before in her life
4) She’s really famous now

Ok so there you have it. Everyone wins……except for me I guess….I think I found love, and then the world bashes me for putting out my feelings. It was hard doing this show for me and my heart broke many times over, but I knew that this was an important journey and I knew SOMEONE had to take charge……and I guess God put it all on me. At the end of the day I just wish everyone happiness and I will never regret that I did this show. It was an experience of a lifetime and I am glad to have all of you, my friends, come along with me on the ride……cheers!


PS-See us all together again for the REUNION show coming up next week! We are all very happy, with how things turned out…including Dani. She is pimpin now! So if we can all get along, then I hope you all can as well…..

It’s true. I’m sure Dani’s ballin’ out there. My friends and I are holding out for our shot at love with her! If I were a TV producer I would make that show happen, like, now. Oh yeah, and I heard a rumor that she will be at the next Girl 4 Girl party in Seattle. There’s a couple myspace pages out there dedicated to the girl but I think this might be her real profile: Let the swooning begin.

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