Snippets of 2007?s national headlines

5. Rosie leaves The View

Rosie brought a brash gay view to the show Fall of 2006 but didn’t last a year in the gaggle of women. Back in April she left the show “over contract issues” (i.e. she was sick of Elizabeth Hasselbeck). But depsite the lack of outness now on The View I think they found a good replacement in Whoopi Goldberg. And hey, she intimated on What Perez Sez that there might actually be another gay person on the show now. Not at all sure who she’s referring to so I leave that to your own capable guessing.

Ann Coulter

4. Ann Coulter calls John Edwards the F-word

I’m all for stirring the pot, even when I don’t agree with what you say, but horse-face calling a presidential candidate a volatile and bigoted name? Well, that’s just classy. (As a sidenote, yours truly makes no claim upon the term “classy” in reference to herself…)

3. Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington calls fellow cast member T.R. Knight the F-word too!

I suppose the only differences here would be that Knight actually is gay, as opposed to Edwards, and that this is the world of entertainment and not politics. What this means is that more attention gets paid to it, the offender gets fired, it’s all over gossip blogs, and it rates higher on this list. I actually think Coulter is much more offensive in the political arena but I guess I’m not a big fan of slurs in general…

2. Iranian President claims there are no gays in his country

When President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran has no gays at a speech he gave at Columbia University this September the crowd erupted in laughter and hissing. And I’m really glad that a Saturday Night Live video (which I have included below) featuring Andy Samberg’s gay love for Ahmadinejad (played by Fred Armison) is the number #1 video clip. But I also realize it’s really not funny the way gay people are condemned, even put to death, in Iran.


When members of Congress announced that they had decided to rush a new version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that does not include gender identity to a vote the constituents became incensed and I have to agree. So the end result? No ENDA this year and perhaps to ENDA in sight?

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