All I want for Christmas is advice from Lipstick & Dipstick

I assure you, any straight readers of this blog, that us queer folks are in the same holiday hell as all of you. Much of this comes in the form of kvetching about gift giving and what to get the fam, the friends, and that special someone. I can’t tell you I have great advice. Style perhaps…but which doily set to get Grandma? I have no idea.

The dapper duo

Luckily for uninspired shoppers, local publications have all sorts of Gift Guides, charity auctions and hip hip holiday ideas. And for the frustrated lesbian in your life, and really, what lesbian isn’t frustrated, The Mercury’s Online Charity Auction (this year’s proceeds go to Sisters of the Road) has just the item for you. Local lezzie advice columnists and regular Curve magazine writers Lipstick & Dipstick (butch & femme, get it?) AKA Gina Daggett and Kathy Belge are willing to face an entire dinner full of your whining about the calamity of Portland’s dyke dating scene.

And while you’re discussing the ins and outs of love and gay marriage you can nibble on some goodies and slurp up some cocktails at the middle eastern inspired, lesbian-owned Zaytoon (2236 NE Alberta). So at least your belly will be satiated, if not your love life. Though, for the more bold among us we can go, instead, for the date with either the girls or the boys of the Merc. Queer or not you’re bound to pull one of the hotties from either corner…they drink, and they’re from the Merc…So good luck!

For the really strange among you, you could even try to get romantic as you spend the day with queer politico, mayoral candidate Sam Adams touring the sewer. Delightfully dirty no?

You have about 9 more days to get your bid in there…

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