Perez sez recap

He’s raw. He is a blogger, not a TV star or anchorman. He is my people. And not everyone can appreciate that about Perez Hilton. But, oh my, if you can…I thought last night’s What Perez Sez MTV VMA special was the funniest thing I’ve seen on television in a long time. I only wish I could have seen it uncensored. (Seriously, when has blo been bleeped before?)

Really, I have to find that video somewhere. I need to hear Mandy Moore say pigf***er every bit as much as Perez needed to. At least VH1 let him cut loose, no matter what they had to cut out later. That’s what made it so hilarious. He’s just as straightforward, bawdy, and real as his blog, as any big gay best friend. It’s a good thing that sometimes his hair looks crazy and he grows some shag to form a nastastic-looking mustache. He’s not afraid to don some American Apparel type pseudo-seventies sweatsuit stick his hairy belly out. I aspire to that courage.

He also has no shame about flirting. I love a gay man than can shamelessly flirt with anyone. They break my heart but I appreciate the sexually themed banter in most situations and Perez is a master of using this to make the audience laugh.

Unfortunately, the only video I could find were from his interview with ultra-prude Hillary Duff. But I have included Part 1 below just so you can get an idea. I’m sure trying to get her to loosen up a little was like trying to push a stubborn mule. And she’s about as interesting as well. But that just made the many other segments all the better. Normally I don’t even care about Pete Wentz or Amy Winehouse but Perez made them funny and interesting. On second glance, you can get more extras from VH1 themselves but the buffering is horrible, making it almost unwatchable, and I’m still not getting all of the naughty bits I really want. Even if Perez does discuss childhood butt sex, why can’t VH1 let the swearing fly online?

Nevertheless, I’m hooked and am sure to tune in to any future shows. Thank you Perez for schooling me, making me understand the vast amounts of difference between Mandy Moore and Hillary Duff.

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