Commissioner Sam steps it up a notch

Today the Portland Commish has filed suit over same-sex partnership rights. I was fairly surprised to see this bit of news pop up a few minutes ago. Who knew this was in the works? It looks as if Basic Rights wasn’t involved, or at least it’s implied by this news post, because it mentions that they have their own agenda coming up. It’s great to see new challenges to current law and the unfair state of things come up but I do wonder sometimes that there is a lack of communication between the many individuals and organizations in Oregon that work for gay rights. Hey, I would’t go through Basic Rights all the time either; they’ve got their own set of continually revolving leadership problems. But still, it’d be nice to know what’s coming.

Then again, I know very little about the legal system so perhaps in that respect surprise attacks are key. In my own less political realm this says to me that he could indeed be Portland’s most eligible (gay) bachelor. Not only that, but judging my the suit, he’s all about being fair and amicable in a breakup. So go for it boys.

PS This gives me yet another opportunity to bring up my soapbox speech on the gay tax. Yay me.

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