Questioning Saxton

It may not be directly queer related but it’s local, political, interesting and will ultimately affect the local GBLT individual, as the electing of any Governor would. Therefore, I just wanted to pass on this little bit of information provided by the Democratic Party of Oregon and fabulous bow tie wearing Congressman Earl Blumenauer:

Today, in a post on, Congressman Earl Blumenauer challenged Ron Saxton’s claim that he was a leader of the effort to pass a constitutional amendment to lower the voting age when he was in college. During the September 28th Statesman Journal Debate at Chemeketa Community College, Saxton said, "When I was in high school in Albany and ultimately at Willamette [University], I was one of the leaders of the state effort in Oregon to lower the voting age to 18." [Statesman Journal Debate, 9/28/06, at 51:00]

Turns out, that’s not quite true. Congressman Blumenauer, who led the state campaign for a 1969 ballot measure that reduced Oregon’s voting age and later was a leading organizer of the campaign to pass the 26th Amendment—told today that Saxton wasn’t a player in the effort. In fact, as Congressman Blumenauer points out, Saxton didn’t even enter Willamette University until the Fall of 1972—15 months after the 26 Amendment had been ratified.

"Today’s news is the latest example of Ron Saxton’s stunning identity crisis in the closing weeks of this campaign," said Democratic Party of Oregon Executive Director Neel Pender. "From his vane attempts to recast himself as a moderate after running as Right Wing Ron, to his desperate ploy to pretend he’s a farmer not a $400 an hour corporate lawyer, Ron Saxton refuses to be honest with the people of Oregon. But the voters know better, which is why they’re going to reelect a strong, honest leader like Governor Kulongoski."

For Congressman Blumenauer’s full post, visit

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