Spotlight hog

Hollywood has been a hotbed of gay activity since its inception, but it’s only fairly recently that the gay rumor mill has moved from something to be refuted or ignored to something desirable. Jake Gyllenhaal, post-Oscar-winning-gay-cowboy-movie, has made it clear that he is an XX lover but would let love take his course in the event that a strapping stud stopped his heart. Indeed, when all those rumors of a menage a toi tryst betwixt he and Tour du France winner Lance Armstrong and fellow actor Matthew McConaughey surfaced, none of the 3 seemed particularly anxious to dismiss the gossip. Perhaps it was altogether too ridiculous and silly, but I think the more honest answer can be found in the admission of Star Wars hottie villian Hayden Christensen, when he says he adores gay rumors, adding: “To me masculinity is the ability to flirt with the effeminate. People I relate to know who I am.” Ah, yes, you mean gay people are cooler and you wish you could be just like us, but unfortunately your hormones have less hip plans.

These days it can pay to play gay and the new generation of metro-hungry actors can’t afford to be plain rugged anymore; it just doesn’t make any headlines. Christensen adds: “Rumours are more fun than reality.”

I’m hoping I can make headlines the next time I kiss a drag queen.

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