The Onion, gay marriage, and playing with dolls

Some good news today, if more in the form of dodging a bullet than actually gaining any ground. Anyhow, looks like the U.S. House rejected the ban on gay marriage. Although we won because we needed 2/3 of the vote, not because half of the house actually supports gay people and their security. So this is all sort of alternately encouraging, discouraging, and irrelevant in light of teh fact that the Senate also did not pass the amendment 6 weeks ago.

In light of all this serious marriage talk I wanted to take a minute to think of a lighter side of the gay marriage debate. The Onion, as always my second favorite news source (after the slightly more on topic Jon Stewart Show) presents a darling little article on a child’s eye view of the situation as of 2003.

On a sidenote, I was led to this by the not terribly relevant but still wonderfully funny yet horrible blog entry by “Pete” from March Together for Life, condemning an abortion-loving lady. The comments, however, are what really make one chuckle in such a mean, yet gratifying way. It was there I found even more to the story.

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