How gay is our library?

While picking up some unmentionable holds yesterday I realized that the Central library’s queerness is just one more little bit of Portland that I love. While perusing the highlighted gay section I overheard two men talking about going out. One was in his forties and rather average looking, the other slightly younger, sporting a fauxhawk and extolling the virtues of Porkys Thursday night dance extravaganza Booty. I had to agree. And then, as I wander through the crowds of literary lezzies I stand in line behind a long haired, long legged, tranny with a bare mid-riff paying off her multitude of fines, just like me. Ah, I do so love this town.

Go ahead and check out (ba-dum-ching) the lib’s new online catalog too as they just finished a complete revamp. Now you can search by new DVDs or in a multitude of exciting ways. Ok, I am officially a nerd. But who doesnt appreciate hot gay nerds? Thats what the Multnomah County Library system is really for.

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