Marriage to the north

As if I needed another reason to want to move to Canada. It calls to me. Especially after I saw the Canadian anti-Bush website, wherein philanthropic Canadians promise to marry progressive Americans to save them from their country. Well now it appears that you may now be able to nab that same-sex hottie hubby and escape the states at the same time. Canada is on the verge of being only the third country to legalize gay marriage nationally. (The Netherlands and Belgium are the other two). Oh, we often downplay our neighbors to the north, belittling their influence and their population of 30 million and thinking of them as meek little beings hovering in the snow. But Canadas direction is not only forward-thinking, but courageous in a frightening world. Would that we had as much fierceness, instead of our strong, but often base and cowardly muscle.

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