Sissboy goes Apocalypstick

“Disgruntled Mary Gay Cosmetics Lady, Mary Esther Ruth, accidentally unleashes the Apocalypse by opening a tube of lipstick! Will the Sissyboys be able to stop the world from ending before happy hour?” -Sissyboy promotional quote.

Wow. I do appreciate a good theme and what could be better than unlikely, trashy drag queen heros? A recent Just Out article gave Sissyboy 5 Qs on its queerness quotient, its highest rating (matched only by Booty, of course) so be prepared for a raucous, raunchy end of the world this Wednesday night at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison). I assure you, there will be no happy-go-lucky Judy Garlands in this troupe (unless, perhaps, she returns as a zombie).

Joining the boys on stage is rockin’ queercore band about town The Divided. Check out their beautifully simple website at And Sissyboy’s too, of course, at Only then might you begin to have an idea…

Wednesday the 18th. Doors at 9, The divided at 10, Sissyboy at 11.

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